February 18, 2020

Can We Beat Robots in Online Poker?

The man vs. machine battle isn’t new, just the scale and intensity is changing with time. The modern version of the battle is centered on proving mental prowess of one over the other with the computer at the machine end. The Deep Blue saga has proven the supremacy of computers over humans in the game of chess and it has now in the process of proving it in the game of poker online. Some studies have already shown that highly powerful artificial intelligence program can defeat any human in the game of online poker, by its sheer capacity to do millions of calculations per second.

Can Human Beat Robots in Online Poker? 

This classical man-machine battle will continue with the advancement in AI and neural-network in the coming years. In online poker, the current challenge is the flood of bots, that are capable of doing better calculations than humans. This calculative edge helps the players improve the winning rate. But the question is can a normal human beat bot in online poker?

What is a Bot or Robot? 

Before, fining the bot beating solution, let us first understand what is a bot and how it works. In simple words, poker1001 bots are computer programs designed specifically to do speedy probabilistic calculations and suggest the most suitable hands in the game against a fellow bot or human opponents.

Online poker is all about incomplete information. The human mind uses incomplete information along with own experience to reach a decision and play hands accordingly. This difference in capturing and using information makes all the difference when it comes to the winning rate. Players use these bots to gather a primary set of information and do the calculation for better decision making.

How to Beat Bot? 

First of all, you have to identify whether you are playing against a bot or not. The only key is the variance and pattern. If you notice a strong pattern, unlike a human play, it is time for you to change gear for bot play.

The whole online poker is all about computer algorithms. The platform uses an advanced algorithm to build a perfect random delivery machine so that the core of the uncertainty principle remains intact.

Frankly, it takes a huge amount of time and money to develop a effective bot. And, most of the bots are nothing but simple “profile bots.”

If the bot is 3betting aggressively with 2-cards, your strategy should be to start 4bet bluffing. Yes, push the bot to cross the formula boundary. You have to use the bot’s sizing limitation to your advantage. Most of the programmers fail to inculcate sizing variations, leaving it open for exploitation. The whole strategy is to outsmart the bot and confuse the program.   

You can defeat the robot only if you can read the pattern and have a strategy to outsmart the machine thinking. Exploit the limits and push the machine to remain in pattern. This way you can mint big money.

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